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    21 March at 12:46 from atlas

    We read an interesting incident report the other day of two people being given a serious electric shock from a metal body of a vehicle. 

    They had a lead charging the vehicle and the extension lead they were using to charge it was damaged. The damaged extension lead touched the metal body of the vehicle and livened up the vehicle. Serious stuff right!

    Well, it was found there were three things that went wrong for this incident to take place:

    1. a damage lead 

    2. an old porcelain fuse that had been rewired using copper.

    3. the board didn't have RCD protection

    Things that could have been done to minimise this risk were:

    1. Regular appliance testing through testing and tagging and regular maintenance of tools and appliances.

    2. An upgrade of the switchboard to current technologies

    3. RCD protection on the switchboard.

    Now this was a freak accident, however, there are many homes out there still running old technology to protect potentially our most valuable paper asset and also to protect our family when using that asset (our home). If you would like to contact us today for an obligation free estimate/quote then we would love to hear from you and help you ensure your home is as safe as it can be.


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